???? Vol.18 ???????The word ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese term. Actually, Reiki is two words rei and ki. However, you will not get the actual meaning of the term reiki if you look for the definitions of rei and ki separately. Rei means ghost and ki means vapour. So, it is pretty much hard to understand what the word actually mean. But, the Japanese say it means ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. This healing is a Japanese technique to remove emotional pains. They believe our bodies are not just filled with muscles, bones, blood and various organs; they also have an energy system which helps life force energy to flow through. These energy bodies have a place that gives of energy, called ‘chakra’. This will allow the life force energy flow through the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is very much similar to a river as it carries this force throughout our entire body, which will help to balance the functions of our body.

The physical body mostly depends on the life force energy. If the life force energy flowing through the body is low, then it might be dangerous; we might get sick or sometimes, even worse. But, if it is flowing in a good amount, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can maintain your health easy and well. However, there is one thing that can block this flow, which is ‘stress’. Stress is mostly caused when someone is struggling to fight their thoughts and feelings, which includes, fear, anger, anxiety and so on. There are various studies that prove that stress can prevent our body from repairing and protecting itself. Stress can be very harmful and can cause effects such as heart disease and respiratory and skin problems.

Reiki healing is a process where you will be relieved of stress and other emotional problems and it will help you in relaxing. This process involves transferring energy to one’s body through their hands. Reiki helps to restore the balance and vitality by relieving stress. This will help to unblock those blocked chakras due to stress and will help you a lot to relax and bring you peace. This is a great treatment to make you feel warm, gentle and it will comfort you. This healing technique is the most simple and safest method to bring someone to lead a peaceful life and is certainly the best way for self-improvement.

There are a lot of techniques to relieve stress, but reiki healing is considered to be the most powerful. It is very gentle and nurturing. It is even better than a massage therapy. Reiki will never affect anyone when they are using a chiropractor, psychologist, or a medical doctor. So, the life force energy is not limited and anyone can bring in supplies of it whenever they want to relieve the stress they confront. On the whole, this will let you take in unlimited supply of life force energy and will definitely help you in revitalizing your body and health.