Absolutely no one is perfect. However, it is this very fact that should make each of us to try and reach our goal. Every individual must try to improve them no matter how high a position they hold in the society either from a financial or from a professional point of view. Ones’ status in society does not give the right to judge any other individual to be lesser or less worthy when the room for self improvement will always remain in the individual who is quick to judge others. This is A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques for individuals of all ages and from all spheres of society.

You might have read many A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques and noticed one common technique being given the utmost importance. Being organized and tidy is very important to have the thinking process organized too. There is a very popular saying “tidy desk- tidy mind”. This saying is true across all ages and for people belonging to any culture, race or creed. It is only when you have daily life organized and planned that you can go about improving your life in other areas.

This is a Guide to Self Improvement Techniques and will not delve too deep into philosophical aspects of self improvement but rather just simple day to day methods by which you can bring about a significant change. If you have a habit that you want to change then know that it only takes 3 weeks to replace an annoying habit with an acceptable one. For example, if you are annoyed with yourself for biting your nails and unable to resist the impulse even in business meetings; try to find an alternative such as clenching your fist when the impulse arises. The moment you do this for a month you would have got rid of the bad habit and replaced with another harmless and less embarrassing one.

Since it takes about a month for a habit to become a part of behavior as studies suggest; it is always possible for us to improve our self provide we want to. If you do not want to change yourself then even if you read A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques, it will not make any difference. Always push yourself harder even at the things that you are already doing well. For example, if you can run 1 mile each day comfortably then push yourself to run 2 miles as comfortably and keep increasing in the same manner gradually.

Each individual is unique. Hence just A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques is not sufficient as any literature will talk about general techniques. It is your responsibility to identify the areas in which you need improvement. Some people may want to improve their social skills; some may want to be able to take better care of their health while some may want to be more organized. It is up to the individual to be honest to them and then read tips on improving that particular aspect that is lacking.