How does Reiki Healing work?

???? Vol.18 ???????The word ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese term. Actually, Reiki is two words rei and ki. However, you will not get the actual meaning of the term reiki if you look for the definitions of rei and ki separately. Rei means ghost and ki means vapour. So, it is pretty much hard to understand what the word actually mean. But, the Japanese say it means ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. This healing is a Japanese technique to remove emotional pains. They believe our bodies are not just filled with muscles, bones, blood and various organs; they also have an energy system which helps life force energy to flow through. These energy bodies have a place that gives of energy, called ‘chakra’. This will allow the life force energy flow through the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This is very much similar to a river as it carries this force throughout our entire body, which will help to balance the functions of our body.

The physical body mostly depends on the life force energy. If the life force energy flowing through the body is low, then it might be dangerous; we might get sick or sometimes, even worse. But, if it is flowing in a good amount, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can maintain your health easy and well. However, there is one thing that can block this flow, which is ‘stress’. Stress is mostly caused when someone is struggling to fight their thoughts and feelings, which includes, fear, anger, anxiety and so on. There are various studies that prove that stress can prevent our body from repairing and protecting itself. Stress can be very harmful and can cause effects such as heart disease and respiratory and skin problems.

Reiki healing is a process where you will be relieved of stress and other emotional problems and it will help you in relaxing. This process involves transferring energy to one’s body through their hands. Reiki helps to restore the balance and vitality by relieving stress. This will help to unblock those blocked chakras due to stress and will help you a lot to relax and bring you peace. This is a great treatment to make you feel warm, gentle and it will comfort you. This healing technique is the most simple and safest method to bring someone to lead a peaceful life and is certainly the best way for self-improvement.

There are a lot of techniques to relieve stress, but reiki healing is considered to be the most powerful. It is very gentle and nurturing. It is even better than a massage therapy. Reiki will never affect anyone when they are using a chiropractor, psychologist, or a medical doctor. So, the life force energy is not limited and anyone can bring in supplies of it whenever they want to relieve the stress they confront. On the whole, this will let you take in unlimited supply of life force energy and will definitely help you in revitalizing your body and health.


Make fun of celebration better with smilemakers coupon

SmileMakers-promo-codeNo one can define fun better than Dr. Seuss. We all love Dr.Seuss and its his birth day this month and it certainly calls for celebration. That is reason why smile makers provide its loved customers an amazing bundle. The amazing smilemakers coupon can be availed for just $30.99. The bundle is packed and it has everything you would need to celebrate the birthday of Dr.Seuss. This is a must buy for all the teachers around to create some excitement in their classes.  The bundle is packed with goodies to keep the kids motivated and going. The bundle has a huge collection of motivational stickers just the right to keep up the jive in the kids.

Every kid is certain to love the Dr. Seuss kits. The amazing kits are designed with kids in mind to bring in that bright smile in their face. There are plenty of stuffs in the Dr.Seuss kit to keep all the  kids in the class entertained. The kit holds up the basic party essentials from hat to stickers. These paper party hats are 32 in number and are certain to be a big hit among the kids. The pencils which are designed with the Dr.Seuss theme is certain to catch their eye. Every child would love to be a part of the birthday party of Dr.Seuss. We all know the importance of reading a book. There is so much we all could gain from a book it ranges from knowledge to vocabulary. This is the reason why all of the Dr.Seuss kit comes with read daily book markers.  They are 36 in number and will keep the kids motivated to read daily.

If the fun is not enough, then there is the deluxe kit which includes the officially licenced cat in the hat, hat. The 24 feet long Dr.Seuss trimmer is just amazing to fill the whole class with joy.  It should be understood that the deluxe celebration kit includes all those that are included in the regular celebration kit. The hat accents are also an addition to the regular celebration kit The amazing smilemakers coupon can be availed at $36.99. The bundle is a certain entertainer and would help the kids to bring in some good habits. It should be noted that the regular celebration kit has a set of 36 pencils which the deluxe bundle does not. However the deluxe bundle compromises the pencils with an amazing trimmer and the set of hat accents.

A day with one of this Dr.Seuss bundle is certain to make the day at the class so amazing that it would be hard for every child at the party to forget it. These are certainly one of the best memories that make up child hood and as a parent or teacher it would be our responsibilities to make the child feel it. These coupons are certainly the best way to celebrate Dr.Seuss’s birthday.


Childhood Trauma and What Parents Need to Consider?

child-abuse1Trauma for an adult occurs from extreme loss or a stress that is of life-threatening situations. However, for a child, it need not be such a risky threat. Childhood trauma is identified to occur from various incidents and there are 14 reasons identified. The most common are seven among them. Physical abuse causes childhood traumatic stress. When the child is manhandled, or burnt, it can be categorized as physical abuse. Other reasons are when the child is deprived of the care, food, shelter, education, and when the child undergoes sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, are a few reasons. System induced care  also causes traumatic stress in children. When a child is removed from home, or moved to the foster care, and when they are alone from the comforts of a family, then traumatic stress is found in children, which many care givers and the parents do not notice.

As a parent or a caregiver, you play a vital role in helping the child in the recovery process. When you can help in a great way, never forget to consult a medical practitioner. The first thing the parents or the caregivers need to be careful about is, to be observant. Listening to the kid when he or she talks is very important. Unprovoked anger, fears that cannot be explained, crying often for no reason, over anxiety, upset with no reason or easily are a few of the signs that the child experiences traumatic stress. Extreme and sudden changes are found in affected children. If you are a foster parent, then it would not be easy to assess the behavioral changes and it makes it essential to make a note of the negative behaviors and continue to monitor the changes.

Traumatized children do not know the perfect way to act. They need to be taught gradually about discipline. Delay in disciplining is mandatory as these kids cannot understand why you do urge them to share the toys or ask for permission. The child also become confused and does not remember things. Let the child to make a decision. Decision making capacity is very much affected when the child undergoes childhood trauma. However, you can let them master this skill when you offer them the choices and let them choose. A traumatized child does have no control over senses and is extremely anxious. When you develop the skills of decision making in them, they gain self control.

The traumatized children also are not comfortable with the change in time schedules. The time schedule should be framed for everything, right from waking up in the morning, breakfast, dinner, study hours, play hours and going to bed. In case, if you are about to make a change in the time schedule, you should make them understand that it is going to happen in a couple of days. This makes them comfortable to adhere to the new time schedule. You need to go for a therapist if you feel the signs manifest.

Gifts that aid in calming the mind:

Human mind is complex and is full of emotions. The term heartbroken is an expression to mean that the mind and heart are not calm. Such an emotion happens while there is a loss. It is not only loss of a loved one that causes such strong feelings, but the same can be felt when there is a separation or a divorce, recovery or heartbreak. When you need to console them and make them calm, try getting the calming gifts. There are loads of you can think of. There are also online stores that sell a variety of gifts to calm and soothe the mind. You need to choose the best site, because you cannot afford delivering the gifts late or in a bad shape at such circumstances.

The best way to find the right site to deliver the calming gifts to the ones who are grieving and to those, who are in the verge of divorce or separation is, going through the customer reviews. The reviews and the testimonials of the existing customers give a clear picture of the quality of the service and the affordability. The reviews also tell a lot about the customer support and the timely delivery of the site. Once you have narrowed down the site from where you want to order the gifts from, you need to decide on the gifts. The gifts need to suit the occasion and most importantly should suit the receiver. The flowers and the food baskets are the first things that come to the mind of anyone, when it comes to the calming gifts. Flowers, of course, rejuvenate the mind and the food baskets with some goodies cheer up one. However, you can never think these are the only gifts you can stick to. There are loads of other gifts that soothe the mind.

When you want to give away something that would calm the minds of the receiver, then you can choose a book too. A book that guides the grieving people to cope up with the present and lead a practical life to improve in the future is a great gift and a meaningful gift. There are also packages available in the online shops that sell the calming and sympathy gifts. Various unique gifts can be found in these shops. These unique gifts add value to the love and care you have for the family of the departed or any receiver, who suffers from broken heart.

It is quite common for anyone to suffer emotional loss because someone has deceased or they had faced a separation or a divorce. The gifts should rejuvenate the minds of the grieving. A wide range of gifts from jewelry to keepsakes are available these days and you need not stick to the old fashioned gifts like a bouquet of flowers. It does not mean that the flowers are not fit to be given away as gifts, but there are other gifts too to express your care and love to the core.

Information, Facts and Procedures about Dogs for Sale


We all know that dogs are meant for loyalty and it is trained for security purpose. But have you ever heard any other facts and info about the pet? Here are few for you to read and enjoy.


  • Even small amount of raisins and grapes may harm your pet. Dogs for saleImage owners will be attentive while feeding dogs. Cooked onions, caffeine, apple, pear seeds are also added up in this list.
  • Most of the animals including dogs have three eyelids. The third eyelid of dogs are called haw. This “haw” or nictitating membrane helps the eye lubricated and safe.
  • The shoulder blades of dogs are not attached to the skeleton of it to provide flexibility. This also helps the pet for running quickly.
  • Do you know that it is possible to predict the life span of dogs by its face shape? Dogs which are typically like wolves with sharp and long face live for longer life span.
  • Usually when a puppy is born, it is blind, toothless and it is also deaf. On later stages of development, the puppy is raised with all these senses.
  • There is one great advantage for dogs for sale owners to raise these pets. If a person has diabetes or cancer – their dog can smell the disease easily. The recent study says that dogs can smell out lungs cancer, breast or skin cancer via their canines.


Well, you might have got an idea to purchase a pet but confused about the procedures. If that is your situation then this piece of information might surely guide you.


You can either buy dogs from online stores or local stores. But make sure that not to purchase one that is sold in puppy mills. The US government is strongly against purchase of dogs via puppy mills. The laws are also opposing for the same. So make sure to enquire about the origin of puppies. If you get a dog from breeders (you must overcome scammers) verify whether they are good breeders. Some responsible breeders will take care of the pets, maintain the kennel neatly and also offer health certificates. They also stand first to offer helpful information about the characteristics of the breed, its regular activities and its food habit etc.


You can contact online dogs for sale stores or private organizations that stay to rescue animals. By this way you can get pure bred dogs and also get away from puppy mills. Most importantly never adopt a dog that is below one year old since puppies below that age requires mom’s care and affection. If you love to buy puppies below that age then you must also pay attention to protect the dog with utmost care like its mom for first few weeks. It is easy to train dogs via love and care you provide. Thus they can easily fit with your family members and living environment. I hope the readers have got many useful information and facts about your loveable pets.


Albuquerque Childcare


Albuquerque Childcare provides a safe and secure atmosphere for the growth of kids.  The day care center is one of the best and is known to be found in every part of the globe. It provides excellent Christian education and teaches the kids about Christianity and the beliefs.

Albuquerque Childcare provides the best services with respect to child growth, education and development. The childcare has well security enabled classrooms. There are alarm systems installed in every classroom which help in detecting intrusion. The kids are also monitored for their activity and this reduces the chances of getting missed within the premises. Every kid has an access code that helps them to move in and out of the class. The childcare emphasizes on routine schedule and the management believes that children tend to learn more when they are put on a daily routine. The kids are encouraged to think and explore things around them. The childcare center has a time table built in for every class that gives appropriate importance to both studies as well as play time.

Teachers are the main assets who impart knowledge to the kids. The knowledge that they impart is very important with respect to the growth of the kid.  The main reason for this is that the kid tends to spend more time in school than at home. All the teachers employed at Albuquerque are well skilled. Teachers who have a passion to interact and teach little ones are appointed at Albuquerque childcare center. All the trainers at the child care are advised to undergo at least thirty five hours of training on child development. They are also trained on first aid methodologies as a precautionary measure.

Albuquerque child care center gives importance to Christianity and they follow the Christian curriculum. Apart from these, the childcare gives importance to the views of the parent. Parents are requested to meet the teachers on the parent teacher meeting. The child care center also permits the parents to meet the teacher any time after the working hours in order to know the whereabouts of the kid. Besides, they can also communicate and convey their concerns in writing. Normally, the whereabouts of the kid includes details such as snacks consumed, and progress with respect to learning.

The child care center also gives priority to the extracurricular activities.  Programs and competitions are conducted in order to motivate the kid. The trainers give appropriate attention and try to understand the interest of the kid before they are involved in any of the competitions. Most of the activities involve dance, games, drawing, painting, field trip and many more. However, these extracurricular activities are offered at an extra charge other than the child care fees. To know more about the activities and programs you can have a discussion with the teacher.

Albuquerque childcare has been in the services for quite some time and they are well experienced in handling little ones. If you are looking for a child care center, Albuquerque childcare is a best choice.

Various Problem Solving Strategies and the Obstacles Faced

We are faced with problems in our daily lives that may range from a simple problem to complex ones requiring well thought out solutions. Regardless of the magnitude of the problem, a solution is required. In order to arrive at the solution effective strategies need to be put in place. This article will explain some Problem Solving Strategies that are useful in various spheres of life. These strategies will help you no matter what the issue is; whether it is arranging your furniture, purchasing a house or preparing for a party. The field of psychology has enough studies that talk about the various mental processes involved in problem solving.

The various mental processes includes identifying the problem, deciding to solve it, understanding the issue, coming up with various solution, choosing the  most appropriate, taking actions for its implementation etc. One thing is evident that the foremost strategy in solving the problem is to understand the problem itself. In fact if this first step has even the slightest flaw then the subsequent Problem Solving Strategies will become meaningless. All attempts will be futile if the actual problem is not thoroughly grasped.

The various Problem Solving Strategies are Algorithms, Heuristics, Trial and Error and Insight. Algorithms refer to a strategy that involves listing down a step by step process to arrive at the solution. In order to understand this strategy you can imagine solving a mathematical formula. However, it may not be practical in situations where time is short and the solution needs to be arrived at, quickly. In heuristics, it is possible to downsize the number of solutions to a few which makes the choice easier and faster.

Perhaps the most commonly practiced among the various Problem Solving Strategies is trial and error. Here you can try using a number of solutions one after another and then eliminating the ones that do not work. This is however practical when the number of options to solve the problem is few. If there are a large variety of solutions it is better to try other strategies. Sometimes when attempting to solve a problem, you may gain a sudden insight where the answers or the solutions become very clear and you also become 100% sure of its effectiveness. This happens especially if the problem at hand is somewhat similar to one solved before.

Although the Problem Solving Strategies seem relatively simple; there can be a few obstacles that you may face in implementing them. One obstacle known as functional fixedness refers to situations when an individual fails to see solutions from various perspectives. There might be too much information making it difficult to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information. Another obstacle may be the assumptions that people make which may or may not be right. Then there is the tendency of certain people to only solve issues in the ways that they have been doing in the past. Such people have a mental set that stops them from thinking or utilizing new or more creative ideas. They assume that only solutions that have worked in the past are right.

Tips For Balancing Work And Home That Actually Works


Life is becoming busier with each passing day and with both the spouses working, maintaining a balance between work and home becomes a juggler’s task. This is however made more difficult if you do not know the proper techniques to balance on both fronts. This article gives you some great Tips For Balancing Work And Home. Planning is the key. However when we talk about planning, we often schedule work activities like shopping, cooking or payment of bills etc. into the week. What needs to be understood is that in order to maintain a healthy balance even leisure activities should be a part of the whole week’s plan.

Working couples get up, shower, get their kids ready, eat and rush out. However, even if you have half an hour with your kids in the morning, plan out and make the most of it. For example, instead of silent time you can talk about the child’s preparation for the upcoming exams, help him or her out with some tips so that he or she leaves home more confident. If one of the weekdays you come home early or go late in the morning then utilize it to spend quality time with your family. Most other Tips For Balancing Work And Home will not tell you this.

If you are indulging in activities that are too tiring and drain you out completely then you should avoid them. This is more so if those activities are not contributing or adding to your productivity. In order to maintain a proper balance you should focus only on those which will allow you to complete your work in time and get back to home in such a manner that you are left with some amount of quality time with family, no matter how small that time is. For example people spend time at work with colleagues that are constantly gossiping. Remember this Tips For Balancing Work And Home and avoid such company.

The next in our list on Tips for Balancing Work and Home is to find out what errands can be done through a third person so that you save time. Is it really necessary to go for grocery shopping and waste half a day or you would rather order it online and spend time at home in organizing other chores or perhaps just spending time with friends or some quiet time with your spouse. If you have to mow a lawn perhaps you could tell the kid down the street to do it. Today everything is available online and with plenty of discount offers too.

In all the hustle and bustle your health can be a neglected aspect. Hence you must plan out your week such that you can squeeze in time for exercising. If you exercise you are more alert and full of energy which will allow you to better manage your work and home. Setting realistic goals and understanding that you don’t have super power to do more than your capacity will help you plan accordingly. Do follow this Tips for Balancing Work and Home and enjoy your work as well as your leisure time.

How to Improve Your Life Naturally

Life is incredibly wonderful but because of the stress factor more people feel that life is miserable. The constant work and pressure in every day life has created a lot of problems for everybody. The major question is what to do? And how can anyone bring a change or Improve Your Life Naturally? The reasons behind the stress are many but it is the manner in which you handle them matters the most. There are a number of things that you can do at home, outdoors or traveling that can help you relax your mind and change your life naturally.

The most important elements in living your life very naturally is to breathe properly. Most of the times we see that people breathe halfway, there by the blood do not circulate properly. Make a proper posture while you are sitting or standing, you should always sit with un-hunched shoulders or walk straight. The hunched shoulders circulate very little flow of blood to the brain and many times it also restricts the breathing. Regular exercises might help you to keep your body firm. Silence is very important in our life or Improve Your Life Naturally. When a person seeks silence he goes into total isolation thereby paving way for free thoughts. Silence helps a person to calm down and concentrate well on the tasks.

Another best way to Improve Your Life Naturally is to eat proper food and on time. Avoid eating junk food that does not provide any nutrition to the body. Sit at a polite place, breathe deeply and concentrate on your digestion. When you are eating food make sure that you are eating only food, do not do too many things at a time. It is always advised to go to bed early and get up early in the morning. The best way to do this is to get proper sleep everyday that will help you get up early in the morning.

There are numerous things through which you can Improve Your Life Naturally and all that also include concentrating on how much you eat, the exercises that you do and other factors that make up your living. The best way to cleanse you body is to drink hot water daily up to 3 – 5 cups, this helps in balancing the body hormones and warms up the digestion parts of the body. Make a chain reaction in your body by repeating “I trust” this brings a flow of energy to your body. The things start to shift from complex to easy and you see your life changing. This especially helps during the trying times of one’s life.

Humming is a good habit to throw away the stress from your life. Eat whatever is healthy to make your life beautiful. Do regular workout and dancing; just do what you love doing the most. Un-clutter your life by cleaning your desk, cleaning your house and, most of all cleaning the clutter of your mind. Do not keep anything in your heart; forgive all those who have ever hurt you. These things would help to improve Your Life Naturally.

A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques for all Ages

Absolutely no one is perfect. However, it is this very fact that should make each of us to try and reach our goal. Every individual must try to improve them no matter how high a position they hold in the society either from a financial or from a professional point of view. Ones’ status in society does not give the right to judge any other individual to be lesser or less worthy when the room for self improvement will always remain in the individual who is quick to judge others. This is A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques for individuals of all ages and from all spheres of society.

You might have read many A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques and noticed one common technique being given the utmost importance. Being organized and tidy is very important to have the thinking process organized too. There is a very popular saying “tidy desk- tidy mind”. This saying is true across all ages and for people belonging to any culture, race or creed. It is only when you have daily life organized and planned that you can go about improving your life in other areas.

This is a Guide to Self Improvement Techniques and will not delve too deep into philosophical aspects of self improvement but rather just simple day to day methods by which you can bring about a significant change. If you have a habit that you want to change then know that it only takes 3 weeks to replace an annoying habit with an acceptable one. For example, if you are annoyed with yourself for biting your nails and unable to resist the impulse even in business meetings; try to find an alternative such as clenching your fist when the impulse arises. The moment you do this for a month you would have got rid of the bad habit and replaced with another harmless and less embarrassing one.

Since it takes about a month for a habit to become a part of behavior as studies suggest; it is always possible for us to improve our self provide we want to. If you do not want to change yourself then even if you read A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques, it will not make any difference. Always push yourself harder even at the things that you are already doing well. For example, if you can run 1 mile each day comfortably then push yourself to run 2 miles as comfortably and keep increasing in the same manner gradually.

Each individual is unique. Hence just A Guide to Self Improvement Techniques is not sufficient as any literature will talk about general techniques. It is your responsibility to identify the areas in which you need improvement. Some people may want to improve their social skills; some may want to be able to take better care of their health while some may want to be more organized. It is up to the individual to be honest to them and then read tips on improving that particular aspect that is lacking.